Slaughter, W. A. - Originals

W. A. Slaughter (1923-2003) grew up in Texas amid the splendor and beauty of the Hill Country. The serene landscape and rolling hills near his home in San Antonio were early sources of inspiration for his developing artistic ability.

His love of nature manifested itself in other ways, as well; in 1952, after eight years of intense training, Slaughter was ordained a Lutheran minister. A unique fusion of minister and artist, he served a wide variety of congregations during his career from Lubbock, Texas to Mexico City. However, painting was always beckoning.

Upon his return from Mexico, Slaughter began to exhibit his work with the Artists and Craftsmen Association of Dallas. In 1972, Slaughter dedicated himself entirely to painting. Of this decision he has remarked, “I never really left the ministry . . . I now relate to people through my paintings rather than my words. There are sermons in trees, and in the seas, and the faces of people from many nations which cannot be forgotten.”

Color vibrates from each canvas – sky blue, oak green, Indian paintbrush red. Distant hills go on forever. Sunlight is warm and bright, and shade is cool and inviting.

Although a wide variety of landscapes inspire Bill Slaughter, it is the gentle beauty of the Texas Hill Country that truly speaks to him. His canvases of fields of bluebonnets and stately oak trees evoke memories of quieter times.

W. A. Slaughter
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W.A. Slaughter
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