Keese, Travis - Originals

"As long as I can see the natural world, I feel the need to put down on canvas a world I can create within its dimensions."

Born in Lyons, Texas, Travis grew up in Somerville. He graduated from high school there and attended Blinn Junior College. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Houston.

Travis spent twenty-eight months in Germany in the U.S. Army where he viewed the great European art treasures.

In 1960, Travis married Betty Holt in Dallas. They have 3 children; Rebecca, Thomas and Kathy. In 1964 he became staff artist for the Houston Museum of Natural Science until 1971.

After a trip through the hill country of Texas, Travis decided to move his family to Kerrville and paint the beautiful country and the wildlife found there.

Travis has two works printed by New York Graphics and several prints with Arts Limited in San Antonio. His works are in the collections of banks in Kerrville and San Antonio. As well, he has works in numerous private collections. In 1990, he was selected to design and paint two "Shipwreck" murals for the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, with the able assistance of Mark Storm of Houston. And in 1994 he designed and painted a 125' x 23' mural for the new Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur. Melinda Dickinson of Coldspring worked with Travis on this project.

Travis specializes in painting wildlife because it appeals to a deep sympathy within him for wild creatures, something no words can express.