Mirkovich, Nenad - Reproductions

Nenad MirkovichNenad Mirkovich is an extremely talented artist who is inspired to put his dreams on canvas.

The artist is committed to working everyday on his art, since he believes this process gives him the opportunity to develop as an artist. Painting from late morning until sometimes in the early hours before dawn, he creates wonderful images that many times come from his dreams.

From a group of classical musicians to a jazz ensemble or a beautiful scene of a remote cabin to a quaint village, Mirkovich brings to life the people and places that come to him in quiet moments. The artist says, “Sometimes when I’m really tired or can’t solve a problem, I just put my brush down, sit in a comfortable chair, and go to “my retreat” in my mind…” As someone who loves to fish, Mirkovich also refreshes his spirit by picking up his tackle box and, as he describes it, “gets out there.”

The very talented Mirkovich lets his imagination take him to many places. He says, “Some artists paint what they remember from childhood. I paint my dreams.”