Kelley, Troy

Troy KelleyOnce upon a time...
In Indian times during this age of enchantment, there was an Indian maiden who yearned day and night for the love of one special warrior. But alas, the warrior would not return her affection. And the maiden, through tears in her eyes, began to lament her unrequited love as she combed her long hair and looked at her reflection in the creek.
One afternoon a magical catfish, being a curious sort, surfaced in the shallows near the maiden and inquired as to her sadness. Sirena tearfully shared her troubles. Twitching his whiskers with anticipation, the old catfish promised to cast a love spell on the warrior if the maiden would agree to become a mermaid one night a month during the full moon...for one year. "For the love of your warrior" the magical fish said, "you must agree to share your love with me." But, if at any time, human eyes ever see you in mermaid form, you will remain a mermaid forever.
The lovesick maiden eagerly agreed to the terms. The spell was cast and the warrior and maiden were soon to wed. The maiden was true to her word. Every full moon, she quietly and secretly left her husgand's side, tiptoed in the quiet of the night into the creek and was transformed into Sirena, a mermaid, and shared her love with the old magical catfish.
On the last full moon of the year, she caught a fish hook in her fin. To remove it, she sat upon a rock well lit by the full moon. Her warrior husband awoke to find her missing. Knowing her love for the magical creek, the warrior crept down to the water. There was Sirena still sitting on the rock trying without success to remove the painful fish hook.
Their eyes met in the moonlight and he called her name "Sirena." At that moment, the old catfish pulled her back into the deep cold water to remain a mermaid forever. A love that was given and a love that was lost.
A resident of Salado, Troy dedicated th estatue of Sirena to the Village of Salado in 1989. The inspiration of Sirena came from a story told to him by his grandmother.
Troy has studied in Europe and various schools in the United States. Sculpting in cast bronze, Troy's work consits of monuments, busts (portraits) and commission work by prominent collectors across America.
Dream of Flight
Price: $0.00
Longhorn 1
Price: $5,000.00
Longhorn 2
Price: $5,000.00
Longhorn 3
Price: $5,000.00
War Chief
Price: $4,300.00