Lague, Mark - Reproductions

Mark LagueThe fast-paced pulse of urban life is the recurring theme in many of Mark Laguë’s paintings. His canvases capture the overall spirit of the city in loose, dynamic brushstrokes. The artist’s travels take him to many of the world’s most sophisticated cities where he thrives on the hustle and bustle of life that teems daily in the streets.

Laguë travels to many of his favorite locations such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Paris for inspiration. One of his favorite cosmopolitan cities is Rome, Italy. The artist says, “Rome seems to fit my aesthetic well because there is such a mix between modern life and classical architecture.” This very talented painter considers the shapes that make up the city environment a beautiful, yet abstract, composition just waiting to be put on canvas.

Light is a prominent factor in Laguë’s work. His scenes of day and night life in the city are formed by the manner in which light reflects and creates interesting shapes that offer the artist an opportunity to portray the scene in a vibrant, abstract design. Night time offers the artist a wide range of contrasts…dark against light and the mixture of architectural elements offer an endless palette of color and movement waiting for Laguë to bring to life. The artist draws the viewer into the scene with a story about everyday people and life in the city…familiar things combine to form a total “cityscape” that is an exciting, mesmerizing image to behold.

A native resident of Montreal, Canada, Laguë has made the journey from a childhood talent to entering art school at age 17 to a very successful career as an animation artist at a top studio. The artist’s desire to paint on his own full-time came in 2002. He considers his technical experience in color, handling of paint, and knowing the importance of values as the solid foundation for his success.

Laguë primarily works in oil, but also favors watercolor. He has won many awards, including the 2002 Award of Excellence from the Oil Painters of America; Laguë also conducts art workshops. He is widely collected and represented by several galleries around the United States. Galleries consider his work spontaneous, vibrant, and attention getting. Collectors love the subject matter, texture, energy, and light in his scenes.

Join Mark Laguë on his many journeys through the urban landscape.