Stocks, Linda Nelson - Reproductions

Linda Nelson StocksLinda Nelson Stocks is well known in her genre. A vast collector base loves her Americana art for its charming and nostalgic look…the viewer is drawn back in time to the early American spirit where life was simpler and old-fashioned ways were valued.

The artist was influenced by the works of Grandma Moses, and she has established her very successful career painting what she knows, loves, and admires.

Stocks’ art also has been inspired by her childhood in Illinois where she grew up on a farm. Memories of her grandmother’s stories of “the good ol’ days” have been brought to life…family gatherings, buggy rides, harvesting crops, holiday celebrations, and all the wonderful things that made those times special.

Through her own memories and emotions and an extremely creative talent, the artist has captured Americana on canvas in a unique and warm style that harkens back to a time that brings the viewer into the heart of Linda Nelson Stocks.